About RuneScan

RuneScan is a collection of tools for RS3 & Old School RuneScape.


At the heart of RuneScan is our scanner which keeps track of the daily experience gained by players that have added their account. By adding your account to the scanner, you'll be able to see historical data about the levels & experience you've gained, as well as compare your daily progress with other players.

You can let the scanner know about your account by entering your username below. Your progress will be stored daily so you'll be able to check back on your best days.

You'll start seeing stats the day after you add your account. Remember that the RuneScape hiscores only update once you've logged out of your account, and our server times are set to UTC.

More coming soon...

RuneScan is still in beta, which means it's still under heavy development with lots of features in the pipeline including skill calculators, recipes and milestones. If there's something you'd like to see, contact us.